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  • Fee equal to the actual cost of production
  • Fee not to exceed the rates established by the workers compensation commissioner for copies of records in workers compensation cases:
  • A patient or a patient's legal representative or a patient's attorney is entitled to one copy free of charge of the patient’s complete billing statement, subject only to a charge for the actual costs of postage or delivery charges incurred in providing the statement.
  • If requested, the provider shall include an affidavit certifying that the records, images, or billing statement produced are true and accurate copies of the originals for an additional fee not to exceed ten dollars.
  • Fees charged are not subject to a sales or use tax.
  • Source: IA Code § 622.10 (2019)
  • https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/code/622.10.pdf

Workers Compensation:

  • The amount paid for furnishing duplicates of records shall be the accrual expense to prepare duplicates not to exceed the following:
    • $20 for 1-20 pages
    • $20 plus $1 per page for 21-30 pages
    • $30 plus $0.50 per page for 31-100 pages
    • $65 plus $.25 per page for 101-200 pages
    • $90 plus $.10 per page for more than 200 pages
  • The actual expense of postage
  • No other expenses shall be allowed.
  • Source: Iowa Admin. Code r. 876-8.9 (85,86) (2016)
  • https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/iac/rule/07-15-2009.876.8.9.pdf