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Microsoft Office 365Microsoft Office 365

Increasingly, companies are switching to Office 365 for the cloud-based benefits and access to familiar software like Word. YoCierge fully integrates with Office 365.

No Setup Necessary

When you sign up for our record retrieval services, just let us know your firm is using Office 365. We'll make all the necessary adjustments so there's no setup required on your end.

Records in Shared OneDrive Folder

All registered users will be able to access a shared OneDrive folder where you can store your files. Before using our services, you'll receive an email from Microsoft OneDrive notifying you of these changes. You'll accept the shared folder by clicking the button below:

Shared OneDrive Folder

Log in with your Microsoft Credentials

Once your account is active, you can log in using the "Sign in with Microsoft" button on our portal. You can keep signing in with your Microsoft login credentials, so there are no new passwords to remember. And as an added security feature, we won't store your password anywhere in our system.

Microsoft Login

HIPAA Compliant Direct Download Link for Your Records

When we deliver your records, you'll be emailed a direct link to the file in the shared OneDrive folder. All you have to do is click on the link and download the records to your computer instantly. Microsoft will authenticate you in the background.

Easily add and remove users

If you have administrator rights on your YoCierge account, you have the option to add and delete users as needed. New users can immediately log in to the portal using their Office 365 credentials.

For security reasons, you will need to request access for any new users to protected health information. But new users can place orders, review invoices, and check order statuses immediately.

Seamless integration with your firm's security policies

Since we don't provide new passwords or user credentials, access to our portal will always follow your firm's security policies as they were set up in Office 365. This allows your security staff to manage all policies from one central location without worrying about third-party security issues.