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Stories from the YoCierge HIPAA Compliance Department

31 May, 2022

The Not So Friendly Neighborhood Healthcare Provider; When a Revocation Statement Is Used as an Excuse to Reject a Request

One of the most common reasons a record retrieval request gets delayed for a few days or weeks is that custodians are uncooperative. They are uncooperative in that they deny a third-party request outright; they do not respond to the request right away; or worse, they have company or office policies that are arbitrary, against the law, or both. Today's article revolves around the last example.

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Order Electronic Health Records Directly from Filevine Using the Exclusive YoCierge Integration

29 November, 2021

The CURES Act made it possible for “Patient Facing Apps” to download electronic health records directly from a medical provider’s server, creating a cost-effective way for your clients (the patients) to obtain their records.

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YoCierge Received ISO 27001 and SOC2 Security Certificates: The Importance of These Certifications in Medical Record Retrieval

13 August, 2021

Many law firms rely on medical record retrieval services to ensure they have easy access to the client records that they need. Anytime you deal with important records, cybersecurity becomes a huge concern. YoCierge recognizes the importance of strong cybersecurity, especially in medical records retrieval. That is why we recently secured competitive cybersecurity certifications.

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7 Time-Saving Tips to Help Your Firm Get Medical Records Faster

24 October, 2017

When you need a medical record for a case, you need it fast. If it takes too long to get the information you need, you may be risking missed deadlines or expired statutes of limitations. In some cases, the ability to secure medical records in a timely manner can make or break your case.

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Making The Case for Case Management Software

16 October, 2017

To quote the managing partner of a Philadelphia-based law firm with over 20 attorneys, "We are in the dark ages." I had asked him about the practice/case management software they use and I wasn't surprised at his answer, since I hear similar answers all too often from attorneys. I have advised legal firms about technology for over 20 years, and I hope that I can help demystify this topic for large or small practices that are considering upgrading their software.

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How Law Firms who Pivot will continue to Profit

28 September, 2017

What do lawyers do?

They counsel, they advocate. They make things happen. Samuel Williston said that a lawyer, above everything else, is a man who brings things to pass, a man who helps to make things constructively happen.

But how to do this, profitably, in an era of upheaval and disruption? With a judicious integration of emerging technology into operations. Historically, technology has been the tool to drive effectiveness in every industry....

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