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About Us

YoCierge is a premium provider of record retrieval and information security services for law firms, insurance companies, and private individuals. Our offerings include business communication tools, record retrieval services, and information security consulting. In-house software engineers and cyber security experts provide a competitive edge for our clients. Using our technology not only saves significant time and expense for attorneys, it also assures a higher level of compliance and information security.

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Record Retrieval Services

We are the premium provider of record retrieval services for law firms, insurance companies, and private individuals. You can easily use our proprietary online portal to submit your HIPAA and other document retrieval request, and we will follow through. You can access your documents anytime, and they are saved in our secure online vault. Our clients typically cut their document retrieval costs 50% compared to third party companies providing the same service.


Business Phone System

Small offices have many options for phone service, but don't just take our word for it that YoCierge Cloud PBX saves you money while helping you triumph in your area of expertise. We've summarized the services of YoCierge PBX and traditional landline providers. See for yourself how you can get an edge on the competition with an unbeatable off-site phone system from YoCierge!


Live Receptionist

Have a friendly, live voice answering your calls so you never miss an important call. We will create a professional welcome message for your company using our in-house voice talent. All this is included in the price. You can also forget about those pesky telemarketing calls--they won't waste your time anymore.


YoCierge Assistant

Just like an old-time secretary, your YA can sit in virtually on staff meetings, take notes, transcribe, and distribute to attendees and other important parties. She can maintain and update contact databases for each lawyer, plus make sure that all necessary information is shared with clients and attorneys.


Contact Us

Location: 200 Eagle Road, #10. Wayne, PA-19087
Phone: (855) 962-4374
FAX: 215.621.8350