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Record Retrieval Services

Revenue generating

Turn your record request into a new revenue stream. We have a unique program where you can get paid for each request that you submit. This is cash that you clearly lose when using other companies.

Fast turnaround

Every order received by us before 4pm goes out the same day. Every returned document gets uploaded into the Vault the same day too. Every order is a rush, so we don't charge any "rush fees."


ReChron introduces artificial intelligence into age-old medical record retrieval services. Attorneys previously wasted hours just organizing voluminous medical reports and finding important bits of information among hundreds of pages. ReChron is giving back those lost hours, by using our proprietary algorithm. Instead of going through multiple reports for the same person, with the help of artificial intelligence, you will now receive one combined report including doctor visits and notes in chronological order. Additionally, ReChron automatically highlights keywords in the document that likely mark important sections for your lawsuit.
Try the next generation of medical record analysis with ReChron!

Live Tracking

Track the status of your order live on our portal.

Proprietary Access with no new password

Our HIPAA compliant Vault where your documents are stored can be accessed with your private (Gmail) or company (G-Suite) username and password. No need to remember a new password; just use your usual credentials.

Different permission levels

Set users' permission levels according to their HIPAA knowledge and provide access only to those persons who were properly trained. A user without Vault permission is still able to check the status of a request without access to the actual medical records.

E-Subpoena Waiver

We are the only company in the field offering the option to digitally sign 20-day subpoena waivers. Using this technology considerably improves the turnaround time for defense firms.

Bates Numbering

All pages of our records include convenient and unique Bates numbering, making referencing to certain pages significantly easier. As usual at YoCierge, this service is included in our flat pricing and provided free of any additional charge. Our numbering is visible as metadata on the PDF files, in case you prefer to remove them later when reorganizing the document.

Disk image copies

We often receive X-Rays on CD or DVD disks. In this case, we not only forward those disks to you, but we also place a copy into your vault in a standard .iso format. If any of those disks get misplaced, simply download the .iso file and make a new copy on your computer.

Integration with your software

We are continuously upgrading our services by integrating with new law practice management and case management software. Check out our first integration with Clio.

Invoices at your fingertips

Our invoices can be just as easily downloaded as your documents, you can get a copy by clicking on the link in the Invoices column, making fee calculation for your clients seamless.