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AutoPay with Stripe

Writing checks for record-retrieval expenses can be time-consuming. To save you time, YoCierge provides a fully integrated automatic payment solution via Stripe. Our flat-fee charges and the approved custodian fees get seamlessly sent to your credit card or bank account via ACH Debit.

Easy Registration of Payment Methods

If you have used a credit card in the past to pay our invoices, then we already have your card on file. All you need to do is enable AutoPay in the My Preferences menu.

Autoplay Advanced Features

If you prefer to use your bank account, we need to do an account verification first. We will send two small amounts to your account. Once received, enter the exact amounts to immediately begin using AutoPay via ACH Debit.

Autopay Verify Bank Account

Get Monthly AutoPay Transactions Lists

When you switch to AutoPay, we will provide you a monthly list of transactions in an Excel file, showing all the charges and details, such as subject name, your matter number, our invoice number, etc.

Autopay Get Monthly Transaction List

Important Identifiers on the Credit Card Statements

In addition to the AutoPay Transactions List, we will include on your credit card statement, for all charges, your matter number and the subject’s name, helping your accountant to match and properly assign the expenses.

Pay Multiple Invoices with One Click

You can use a credit card for payment even if AutoPay has not been enabled. Just select one or more invoices and click on the Pay with Card option. For example, you can search for a matter name and pay all invoices with only two clicks.

Autopay Multiple Invoices