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YoCierge Business Phone System

Discover the latest in law firm phone systems: YoCierge Cloud PBX

Professional phone presence

Presenting a polished public image is important in the competitive legal field. For small- or medium-sized firms and solo practitioners, a consistent, professional phone presence builds trust and with it, business. On a modest budget, law offices can implement a sophisticated business phone system with YoCierge Cloud PBX.

PBX is expensive—there is a better way

Installing a PBX phone system is costly, as are the monthly fees for service. Traditional business phone services need repair and maintenance, which is a hassle for a small firm. You can save yourself the trouble, cost, and space of a PBX system by adopting YoCierge Cloud PBX for your office. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has advanced so that you can now afford a reliable, complex phone system while staying within your budget.

YoCierge gives you all the features for less

YoCierge Cloud PBX is a feature-rich phone system that was designed with small law offices in mind. All the functions you want, including voicemail, are included at no extra charge. YoCierge Cloud PBX comes complete with a suite of features that make it easy to create the aura of a big law firm for a small firm price.

Blow away your competitors with Yocierge PBX Office

Small offices have many options for phone service, so don’t just take our word for it that YoCierge Cloud PBX saves you money while helping you dominate in your area of expertise. Below, we have summarized the services of YoCierge PBX and traditional landline providers. See for yourself how you can get an edge on the competition with an unbeatable off-site phone system from YoCierge!

Advanced Call Features YoCierge Comcast Verizon AT&T
Voicemail * *
Three-way calling
Call waiting
Ring groups
Call forwarding / Multi-ring
Call transfers between users
Unlimited calling to the US and Canada
Virtual receptionist to automate call routing and a dial by name directory
Cloud-based system, use it anywhere
Conference server
Music on hold
Clio Integration
*Select plans only

Add up the Savings with YoCierge Cloud PBX

A typical, small law office has at least one telephone number and three users, plus a dedicated fax or credit card processing line and a conference bridge. When you factor in the price of expensive hardware, installation, and activation fees, just getting started with traditional landline business phone service is expensive!

The monthly costs of traditional landlines are also high: basic local calling plans start at $25.99 or more per line and costs grows quickly as you add necessary features, such as voicemail and long-distance service. That adds up to a lot every month. Traditional landlines are notorious for locking customers into 12-, 24-, or 36-month contracts under the guise of lower monthly prices for the long-term commitment. Traditional landline companies don’t want you to see how much you could save elsewhere!

YoCierge Cloud PBX business phone service comes FREE for all YoCierge customers. We don’t require a time commitment because we know that you will be thrilled with our service. Your costs will be much lower, and you will appreciate the service without all the hassles of installing hardware.

Get more features for free from a YoCierge Cloud PBX System!

Compare the average cost of getting started with the chart below. This example, useful for any attorney’s office, shows you the total cost you can expect to pay over two years for each of these options.

YoCierge Comcast Verizon AT&T
Initial cost
Hardware and new telephones $25/phone (optional) $99/phone and up $99/phone and up $99/phone and up
Installation fees none $49.99-$199.99* $49.99-$199.99* $49.99-$199.99*
Activation fees none $19.99/line N/A $40/line
Cost of monthly service
Monthly cost per user none $29.95 and up $25.99 and up $27.60 and up
Monthly cost per additional phone number none $29.95 and up $25.99 and up $27.60 and up
Total cost over two years $238 $5,490 $4,785 $5,135
*Installation fees vary according to contract length

Take advantage of the unmatched features!

Take advantage of the unmatched features with YoCierge Cloud PBX and save your law practice money while you project a professional image to your customers. Leverage the Internet connection that you already pay for and switch your telephone service to YoCierge Cloud PBX. It just makes sense. Financial and business sense.