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YoCierge now integrates with Litify and Docrio, exceptional case and document management platforms.

Medical record retrieval seamlessly integrates with your favorite software to give your law office unprecedented efficiency. Our software engineers designed this interface to take advantage of the unique features only available in Litify. You don't need to install any software to take advantage of the improvements described below, as we live in a private cloud just like Litify.

Search Among Your Litify Matters

Once your YoCierge account is connected to Litify, you can search all your Litify projects from the YoCierge portal. Thanks to Litify's cutting-edge technology, the real-time search is lightning-fast and intelligent, not only recognizing project names but also searching your Litify contacts and list-related projects.

Litify Project


YoCierge Matter


Patient or Subject Details Automatically Prepopulated

Record retrieval often faces unexpected delays because of incorrect information provided; it's easy to make a typo in a name or date of birth. When you use our Litify integration, the project's contacts will be presented in a simple, drop-down menu on our portal. In the case of multiple contacts, we detect the ones you most likely need records for and ignore the others.



Often knowing the exact date of loss or date of the incident is helpful when locating records. Just use Litify's Matter section and fill out the Incident Date field; it will be carried over automatically to your record request.



In the past, getting signatures on HIPAA forms has been a time-consuming task. But now, we can copy the email address that you entered for the contact in Litify and send the HIPAA forms with just a click for e-signatures. Your client can sign it legally on his/her phone and be done with it in seconds.

Filevine E-Authorization


Filevine E-Authorization in YoCierge


Enter Record Custodians Once

One of our favorite features of Litify is the Request section, where you can list all the medical locations where your client received treatment. These are the custodians that you likely need records from. When you get to the Locations step on the YoCierge portal, these Litify Request entries will be listed automatically in a simple to use format. Of course, you can add additional locations as well, beyond what you already entered into Litify.

Litify Location


Litify Location in YoCierge


Records Delivered Straight into Litify & Docrio

Once records arrive at YoCierge, they will be uploaded automatically into Litify under the connected Request entry, and the PDF files will appear in the connected Docrio entry. This makes it effortless to track what has arrived for your case and provides easy access to all Litify users, even those not involved in the record retrieval process.

Litify Record Upload

Expenses Registered and Invoices Uploaded

When YoCierge creates an invoice for record retrieval, it automatically registers a new expense item in Expenses. This ensures that no expenses are missed and that your firm will be reimbursed appropriately for the record retrieval costs. A copy of the actual invoice is attached to the entry as well.

Litify Invoice

No Additional Cost

Both Litify and YoCierge are committed to providing the best possible user experience; therefore, there is no additional charge for using this revolutionary integration.