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  • For Hospitals:
    • The fee for copying records shall not exceed $1.00 per page or $100.00 per record for the first 100 pages.
    • For records which contain more than 100 pages, a copying fee of no more than $0.25 per page may be charged for pages in excess of the first 100 pages, up to a maximum of $200.00 for the entire record.
    • A search fee of no more than $10.00 per patient per request. (Although the patient may have had more than one admission, and thus more than one record is provided, only one search fee shall be permitted for that request. The search fee is permitted even though no medical record is found as a result of the search.)
    • A postage charge of actual costs for mailing.
    • Source: N.J.A.C. 8:43G-15.3 (2012)
    • http://www.njha.com/media/302738/2012-June-NJ-Hospital-Licensing-Standards-2.pdf
  • For Other Medical Providers:
    • $1.00 per page or $100.00 for the entire record, whichever is less
    • If the record requested is less than 10 pages, the licensee may charge up to $10.00 to cover postage and the miscellaneous costs associated with retrieval of the record.
    • If the licensee is electing to provide a summary in lieu of the actual record, the charge for the summary shall not exceed the cost that would be charged for the actual record.
    • The reproduction of x-rays or any other material within a patient record which cannot be routinely copied or duplicated on a commercial photocopy machine shall be no more than the actual cost of the duplication of the materials, or the fee charged to the licensee for duplication, plus an administrative fee of the lesser of $10.00 or 10 percent of the cost of reproduction to compensate for office personnel time spent retrieving or reproducing the materials and overhead costs.
    • Source: N.J.A.C. 13:35-6.5 (2020)
    • https://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/regulations/Chapter-35-State-Board-of-Medical-Examiners.pdf