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Practice PantherPracticePanther Integration

PracticePanther is an easy-to-use, feature-rich case management software that seamlessly integrates with YoCierge.

Connect both accounts in two easy steps

To connect the two accounts, you'll click on the "Connect with PracticePanther" button. Then you'll approve the connection in the following window. Once that's completed, your YoCierge account is connected to PracticePanther.

Since we connect with PracticePanther at the user level, any new YoCierge users you add should do this immediately.

Practice Panther Connect

Pre-Populated and Accurate Data

After you've selected the PP Matter, we'll save any relevant data in the background for you. That way you'll never have to look for the same information twice. For example, the Matter Number is brought over from PracticePanther in the next step:

Practice Panther Pre-Populated Data

Accurate Patient or Subject Data

One of the most common issues we run into when requesting medical records is inaccurate information. Often, the birthdate is incorrect or a name is misspelled.

Our PracticePanther integration ensures that the correction information is entered every time. This saves you considerable time when you need to retrieve the records.

Practice Panther Subject Data

Complex Cases with Parent/Child Involvement

Sometimes, your main contact isn't the person whose records you're requesting. For example, you may need to request the records of a child but the parent is your client.

In this scenario, you can add an additional contact in PracticePanther and we can pull that contact's data into our portal. All you need to do is select the appropriate contact from the drop-down menu.

Record retrieval expenses recorded automatically

All invoices are automatically registered as expenses in PracticePanther. This ensures you'll never forget to be reimbursed for another expense again.

Whenever we deliver the records to you and create an invoice, we upload that invoice into PracticePanther. This makes it much easier to keep track of billing and other expenses.