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Security Solutions

YoCierge provides carefully inspected, world-class level security solutions for organizations of all sizes across all industries.

Critical Security Controls

Our security controls ensure stringent prevention, timely detection, and rapid responses to any attempts that threaten your enterprise data availability and integrity.

YoCierge uses the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and ISO 27001 as our strategic baselines for evaluating security controls. We use only secure, vetted processes that evaluate, recommend, and implement security controls to protect your servers, networks, and infrastructure from advanced threats.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

YoCierge performs a thorough examination of all current security tools and processes to ensure they meet or exceed the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the COBIT 5 Maturity Model.

YoCierge professional consultants utilize their experience and training to inspect the configuration of each security tool, how it is used, and the performance of the persons responsible for using the tool. This careful review of security processes will reveal "silent failure" scenarios, such as alert response errors or missing logs.

Our comprehensive analysis will produce an overall maturity score for all NIST controls. This analysis includes a comparison of your score with other similar businesses, a listing of important discoveries that require immediate correction, and a plan of action to improve control maturity in the future.

Ongoing assessments and reviews of your organization’s security controls are vital to maintaining the integrity and security of your systems and data. Our continuing operations review features timely assessments of processes and tools that are of vital importance to your business. This review will also include cloud and managed service providers who may be accustomed to operating outside the reach of their customers.

Security Assessments

YoCierge conducts various technical security assessments to assist our clients in discovering and understanding problem areas in their operations. These assessments are narrowly focused to ensure no aspect of your operation's security is overlooked. Our professional consultants possess the technical experience and training to thoroughly investigate the following areas:

Network Architecture Review

YoCierge's process of reviewing business network architecture for potential security concerns has repeatedly demonstrated success. Our professionally certified specialists review your infrastructure documentation and perform an evaluation of the function of your established security controls to ascertain any gaps. These functions are compared with your goals and objectives and provide a comprehensive view of your network architecture and its level of health.

Identity & Access Management Strategy and Development

Controlling the number of users with privileged access is vital to securing enterprise data. Identity and Access Management solutions provide your organization with the ability to maintain compliance and operational efficiency by managing the entire user and system account lifecycle.

Privileged Account Management

At YoCierge, we combine our years of industry experience with professionally certified engineers to provide your company the necessary controls to strictly manage privileged accounts. This allows you to distribute and manage user identities and embed and retrieve passwords for senior accounts to ensure that only those who need it have access.

User Access Assurance

Certified YoCierge engineers are qualified to help your organization establish user access assurance with professional-level security solutions. We utilize a quality combination of access management, identity management, single sign-on, and auditing to provide secure and streamlined user access within your digital environment.

Solution Implementation

In order to design and implement effective security solutions, we develop an understanding of your infrastructure including long- and short-term goals, the capacity for resources, strengths and weaknesses, and your preferences regarding technology.

YoCierge leverages our years of experience implementing solutions to guarantee the best possible service to your organization. Our professionally certified engineers understand the process of setting objectives, engaging all stakeholders, managing expectations, and maintaining clear communications in order to deliver the best in integrated security solutions.

Security Solution Deployment

The correct technology solution has a tremendous impact on information security risk. At YoCierge, we practice a vendor-agnostic approach when considering solutions to serve our customer’s interests to the fullest degree. We continuously test new and existing solutions to provide accurate product information, and we are uniquely positioned to inform your organization regarding the best solutions for your needs and business objectives.