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Threat Management

YoCierge helps manage the threats to your organization in a proven and streamlined manner through professional-grade penetration testing, training, and incident response.

Penetration Testing

Although maintaining the security of your IT environment when operational is challenging, YoCierge provides you the ability to test your own environment against simulated attacks without the risk of actual damage, while conducting normal business as usual.

Internal Penetration Testing

YoCierge employs a specialized team of extensively trained engineers to work with your organization to perform penetration tests and examine internal systems. This talented internal penetration testing team will analyze and determine the level of system vulnerability. You can depend on YoCierge’s years of experience and proven processes to perform your internal penetration tests to maximize information security.


YoCierge thoroughly understands information security. Our vast experience means we possess an unparalleled understanding of the topics crucial to end-user training. We provide a variety of training courses to give your staff valuable insight into understanding and avoiding today’s security threats.

Security Awareness

YoCierge offers advanced training courses in security awareness. We are an organization that places a strong emphasis on security because we know the importance of identifying and avoiding threats. In our security awareness training sessions, YoCierge helps your employees become adept at detecting threats and improving behaviors for optimized awareness.

Incident Response

YoCierge offers a comprehensive incident response program to help your organization effectively manage attacks or security incidents. As a security consultant to large and premier organizations, we are current on all forms and methods of security breaches. Our team of seasoned and professional analysts work closely with your team to test your incident response and offer advice regarding improvements to your processes and procedures.

Malware Analysis

YoCierge can confidently guide you through the ever-changing malware landscape. The YoCierge malware analysis process begins with detecting, identifying, and quarantining the software in question. Our professional analysts then test the malware in our own malware analysis lab to isolate the malicious software in order to learn its behavior. Understanding what a particular piece of malware is designed to do helps direct our focus to the other systems and information at risk.

Attack Simulation

YoCierge enacts red team exercises to ensure that incident response procedures and personnel detect and respond adequately to any simulated threat. In order to measure the effectiveness of your incident response program, YoCierge engineers custom-build attacks that simulate common assaults and then measure the effectiveness of your IR program's response. We can then provide guidance regarding response tactics and explore the lessons learned.