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YoCierge Assistant (YA)

Meeting Management and Documentation

Just like an old-time secretary, your YA can sit in virtually on staff meetings, take notes, transcribe, and distribute to attendees and other important parties. She can maintain and update contact databases for each lawyer, plus make sure that all necessary information is shared with clients and attorneys.


Your YA can coordinate, plan, and schedule all your professional meetings, both with clients and other lawyers. While managing your calendar, your YA can invite and correspond with attendees, making sure to notify all parties if there is a cancellation or change. Never forget a meeting or important deadline—your YA can keep you updated on actionable items for the day or week.

Record Retrieval

All our YAs and systems are HIPAA compliant, so you can easily use our online portal to submit your document retrieval request, and your YA will follow through. You can access your documents anytime, and they are saved in our secure online vault. Our clients typically cut their document retrieval costs 50% compared to third-party companies providing the same service.

Travel Arrangements

Have your YA organize your travel schedule, buy your airline tickets, and book your hotel rooms. Don’t waste time researching all the options—just tell your YA your travel needs and preferences, and she will find the best options to make it all go smoothly. In addition, she can schedule your meetings, make dining reservations, and book ground transportation. Everything will be organized so that you can concentrate on your work.

Social Media

Your YoCierge Assistant can manage your social media accounts, including responding to comments and tracking followers. She can initiate email blasts for marketing or a monthly newsletter. Using analytics tools, she can gather statistics on engagement and create weekly, biweekly, or monthly reports to track the effectiveness of your various social media platforms and campaigns.


Quickly respond to the high volume of incoming emails by having your YA handle emails according to your guidelines. She will respond to customer service inquiries and non-essential emails professionally. Based on your preferences, she can send a short summary of certain emails and alerts for important ones. Keep your inbox and contacts organized so you can breathe easy.


Your YA just received a call from a potential new client? Let her do the initial research on the person to give you a better idea about the urgency of the call. As you grow, your YA can help find office space or co-working facilities in any city. If you need to recruit, she can help you scout new talent by posting job ads and scheduling interviews. Using industry and market data, she can research, analyze, and prepare reports. Working with multiple vendors, she can secure price quotes for all projects and events.


Keep your cash flow moving: Your YA can create and send invoices, process payments, and maintain your accounting records. She can stay on top of expense reporting, collecting and categorizing receipts and tracking mileage and any miscellaneous employee expenses. Using your parameters, your YA can research and purchase the best-priced supplies for your office.