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YoSign HIPAA compliant e-signature solution

We are excited to introduce our HIPAA compliant e-signature solution: YoSign.

When you are using it, you don't need to deal with the HIPAA forms anymore. We prepare the form and get your client to sign it electronically.

Client-created Signatures Required

Your client needs to use their finger on their phone or a mouse on their PC to create the signature; they cannot select from ready-made templates as they do with popular e-signature providers. This improves the acceptance ratio by medical providers because the signature presented would be actually created by your client.

YoSign signature

Optimized for Mobile Devices

In most cases, clients sign these documents on their mobile phones, so our interface is optimized for smaller touchscreens.

YoSign on Mobil Devices

Added Layer of Security

To start the e-signature procedure, the client needs to enter their date of birth. This is an added layer of security for cases where the provided email address was incorrect, and the e-signature request went out to the wrong person.


Encrypted Signed Forms

When the form is signed electronically, When the form is signed electronically, the signer will receive a copy via email.. We also encrypt the provided PDF files with a password for securing the documents during the transmission.

Encrypted Signed Forms

Audit Information Saved But Not Included

Our system keeps a log of all relevant information about the signature, including the IP address and exact time it was signed. However, this information will not be included in the actual forms, making them look less like an e-signature and more like a document signed on paper.

Easy Resending of E-signature Requests and Changing Email Addresses

You may now easily resend an e-signature request from our portal. If needed, the email address of the subject can be changed there as well.

Easy Resending of E-signature Requests

As usual at our company, there is no extra fee for using this service. It is automatically enabled for all new accounts.